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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wisdom From Foolish People

I guess everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt...even the fool.  I am rereading "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder" by Vincent Bugliosi. What caught my attention as a profound thought is an analogy that he gives.  He states, "If Winston Churchill said something about WWII, and a bum in a Bowery gutter said something quite the opposite,whom would you believe? There's really only one answer to that question, and it's not the one that 99 % of people would reflexively give - Winston Churchill.  The only proper answer to the  question is , I'd have to hear what they had to say.  This is obviously true since we know that just as a wise man can say something foolish, a fool can say something wise."  WOW!  This is a thought to ponder.  How many times have we dismissed people for who we perceived them to be.  I really had to take note of just how I handle information from people whom I have deemed foolish.  It even sounds acute to even admit that I consider some people foolish.  We must be very careful.  It may be just that one time that we choose not to  hear out the fool that he or she gives us wisdom.  What about you? How do you handle info that comes from one whom you have deemed the fool?


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