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Monday, December 10, 2012

Stop Fertilizing a Dead Tree

Over time the statement "Don't or Stop fertilizing a dead tree." has come  to have great meaning. How many of you are in relationships that are simply dead.  However, you keep putting time, money and love into these dead relationships or what I call dead trees.  If you knew someone who had cultivated a beautiful garden but kept buying and placing expensive fertilizer on a dead tree, you would consider them crazy.  Well our lives are no different.  I think that now that I am fast approaching fifty, I realize that I have far less time to do foolish things or waste precious time. When I was  twenty something, there was enough time because I was young enough to waste time and to recover from foolish decisions.  I just don't feel this way any longer.  I  want every day to count and it is important that every day and every decision count.  How many of us have cultivated beautiful gardens and are wasting time on weeds or dead trees?  Many of us are very successful in many aspects of our lives; be it frendships, careers, finances, community or family.  However,we choose to keep our focus on that one relationship  in  our lives that is simply dead. We go back to that person and find  out what we already knew.....there is no relationship, things don't gel, we are on different pages, our priorities are different, finances are an issue, the person is selfish, or that there just is not enough room for me in that person's life.  It can also be that we stay in a dead relationship  because it is familiar, we are comfortable, we fear being alone, we think that there is no one better, or we don't want to hurt someone.  Well,  I am here to tell you to put all of the excuses aside.  Strive for true love and happiness.  Don't waste time on dead relationships. The time that you spend with a "dead tree", talking to a dead tree, loving a dead tree, hoping for a dead tree to sprout new leaves is simply wasted time.  Don't do this! Spend your time on people or things that have life and that will potentially grow fruit.  Leave the weeds and dead trees alone.  Next time you are with someone, ask yourself the question, "Is this a dead tree on which I am putting expensive fertilizer?"  If the answer is yes, get  up and leave, hang up the phone, say no to another date and say yes to something or someone different.  I think that I will start the I am done fertilizing dead trees! Facebook page. Take my advice dead trees are DEAD.  They never come back to life.

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