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Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays....better yet Merry Christmas

I 've gotten into the "being politically correct" mode so much that I started saying happy holidays as not not offend others.  However, I feel that by watering down Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays, I am not being true to my own beliefs.  For me, JESUS is the reason for the season.   I certainly do not mean to offend anyone by wishing those that I meet a Merry Christmas.  So from now on it will be Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I find the older I get the more the things I love and value mean to me.  I can remember who said it but "Youth is waste on the young!" 

Happy New Year

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards..... Grace under fire

My heart, love and prayers go out to the children and friends of Elizabeth Edwards.  My blog is always about happiness and love.  So the context in which I want to discuss Elizabeth Edwards will not deviate from the format of my blog.  I want to celebrate her life.  I applaud her courage, her faith and fortitude.  She is the type of woman whom I want to grow up to be.  I see her as a woman who was determine not to just let the heart aches of destroy the essence of who she was as a person. Life's thorns did not diminish what she stood for, what she believed in and how much she loved.  She paid love forward and now her children will reap the benefits of her love and kindness to others.  Her nurturing soul has loved so many others that her children will never be without love.  What a legacy for a mother to leave her children.  Rest in peace Elizabeth for you have done the work that God had for you to do on this earth. You have earn your heavenly crown with many jewels.  You are grace under fire and an example we all can follow. Her children will have a treasury of her goodness.  She is truly grace under fire.. an example that we all can follow.