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Monday, August 23, 2010

Grace and Giving Back.

We all have heard of paying it forward.  How many of us actually practice giving forward?  I learned recently that God requires us to do good works every day and the type of crown that we will receive will be based on the works that we have done in his name while on earth. Because of who I am  striving to be and how I would want other to treat me, I try to do one act of kindness every day.  The easiest for me is allowing people who have much less items than I to go ahead of me while standing in line.  However, I do ask that the person pays it forward...that is do something nice for someone else.  My sister reminded me recently of a time when I paid for the grocery of an elderly woman.  We (the elderly lady and I) stood in a long line waiting to check out.  We spoke about various things.  I noticed that she started pulling items out of her cart as if trying to decide what she must have.  By the time she got up to the checkout, she must had pulled out about 8 -10 items.  I felt bad.  I had a cart full of items.  Some of the things I did not even need and here was a woman putting back apple juice and butter.   Unknown to her, every time she took out an item, I placed it in my basket.  When she was checking out I placed all of the items back on the checkout belt and when she turned to the side to get her money I gave the checker my debit card and paid for everything.  Little did I know until she spoke that she was deciding if to eat or to pay for her medicine.  She kindly thanked me and happily went to the pharmacy to buy her medicines.  All I can say is.... God certainly works in mysterious ways.  Do something nice for someone.  God too might be working on your gift from some stranger.

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