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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sisters and Brothers

I think that I have the best big Sister in the world.  God knew what he was doing when he placed her in my life.  There is nothing like having a sibling who is also your best friend.  We talk just about every day.  Conversations can be serious or practically just about nothing.  We have had knock down drag outs about absolutely nothing....very opinionated we are!  Next day we talk and things are back to normal.  She is my ride or die chick.  I am careful about what I say to her about people that hurt me in some way because like a tiger she will strike.  She will never allow any harm to come to me.  WOW!  She is very supportive.  She encourages me in everything that I do and is one of my biggest cheerleader.  Our mother died at the beginning of 2006. I saw a side of her that I did not know existed.  She lead our family during one of the saddest time in our lives.  She was our rock.  If you have a bother or sister, find the good in them if you have not.  Develop that special relationship with at least one of them.  Listen to what they have to say.  Hell, no one is perfect and we ALL have the proverbial "Black Sheep".  Your brother or sister will be painfully honest but for most it is honest love.  Hug a sibling today and let them know that you truly do love them.  It could be the start of a new and beautiful relationship with some who is very much like you.


  1. WOW!
    My mother was my life, my rock, my everything. The void is still so very present, but she left beautiful memories for me to extract from each day. She is very much alive in my heart and through my siblings. Needless to say I deeply love each one of them, but this sister has made herself available to and for me in every venture and aspect of my life. The highs, the middle, and the lows. Soft when necessary and bruterly honest to the core when necessary. I admire what she has done with her life, I respect who she is, and I appreciate where I see God taking her. She is very giving and has a genuinely big heart. She has sacrificed much for our family, but for me,there is much gratitude in my heart. When I pray, I pray much for her and my neices and know that Our Heavenly Father hear and answers my prayers. My true Blessing in this life is the people God has placed and surrounded in my life. I, like my sister could not ask for more. Know that I will lay down my life if I had to for you. I love my sister of the heart.


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